Uncompromising Values

Each of us, at NELSON LAW GROUP PLLC, strives to do what is right, to do our best in everything we do, and to treat others as we want to be treated. This translates into the following values that we aim to personify every day.


The truth is not always popular, but is always the truth. We believe in the Truth and honestly share who we are with others.


We promptly return phone calls and answer emails. We practice “active listening” with our clients. If you work with us, you will know we are giving you our full attention as we listen to your situation and discuss strategies for resolving your legal issues. While our legal documents are written precisely with correct legal terms, we will not talk to you in legalese. We work hard to make sure you understand everything in our written and oral communications. We understand that you will want and need to know what is transpiring on your case and so we will frequently update you by phone, email or letter.


We genuinely care about each client and person we work with. We understand the frustration people experience as they fight to right a wrong. When we take on a case, it is to champion your cause with your long-term interests in mind.


Our clients know that in every dealing with us, we will act with integrity. That means we will always recommend and do those things that are in the best interest of our clients. We will not recommend an action that will benefit us more than it does you. We will evaluate your case and tell you, to the best of our ability, the odds of obtaining the results you desire.


We always aim to fight against injustice and for the Truth, even if the odds seem insurmountable.


We have an outstanding record of prompt, efficient, economical and successful litigation and dispute resolution in a wide variety of practice areas.


We aim to provide wise, invaluable counsel and service, while fairly and accurately billing our clients.


We get to know you as a person and then look at your legal issues from all angles, in order to share our honest view of your wisest course of action. We fully explain matters so you are best equipped to make your own decisions and wisely reach your own conclusions.

"Two are better than one... a cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart."

Ecclesiastes 4:9a, 12b