What Others Say

Cal Larson

Regarding a family medical crisis

We really felt the Lord working through this practice. With our energies focused on saving the life of our child, we remain extremely grateful to Todd Nelson for launching a swift and victorious battle against an insurance company refusing to cover the costs of a vital medical procedure.

Steve Cooper

KBJ Investments LLC

We did prevail far beyond our original hopes and expectations. We owe this totally to the efforts of all three of you... the monies you obtained for us have had a profound positive impact on our lives. This message is to let you know how appreciative all of us are for what you accomplished... I truly hope... you are enjoying what you do because...you are really good at it...

Bill Montgomery

Pastor, Alderwood Community Church

Over the past few years, I have been impressed with the unique approach to the practice of law taken by Todd Nelson. He looks past the immediate desire of the offended party and seeks to affect their long-term heart issue. Todd is also a willing ear, happy to listen and assist others at their point of need. He has done this not only for me in multiple situations, but for friends of mine as well. Any one represented by Todd Nelson couldn't have more ethical, integrity-based representation. It's a pleasure to recommend you to others, my friend!

E. Scott Riepma

Thank you and all your staff for your counsel, hard work and attention to my matter. Thanks to you, I feel as though a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I have had one other dealing with a law firm in which I felt as though they did not have my best interest at heart and just took the easy way out. I did not get that from you, but believe that my loving, Heavenly Father guided me to you and gave you wisdom and direction in this matter. Thank you.

When this matter first reared its head, I perceived it to be an attack to test me and that God would fight this battle for me. Todd, you, Valerie and your staff have been a faithful and trustworthy ally for me in this fight. May God bless you and make His face to shine upon you.

Duane Saasen

Cornell Plumbing & Heating

Quick response to legal questions. Very refreshing to have an attorney who will return your telephone calls.

Robert Bignold

ORB Architects

Congratulations on settling the lawsuit... This is the only project I can remember praying with the Owner and the Attorney during the mediation process.

Delle Beebe

Thank you so much for the time you spent with us. The light and love of Jesus shines through you and blessed us.

Jeff Vancil

Todd Nelson is an extremely competent attorney. He understands the law and works with uncanny understanding toward reconciliation and fairness. I am the thankful beneficiary of his friendship and of his professional counsel. He walked with me and the organization through which I served in the selling of real estate and he counseled me in the process of leaving this organization after 30 years of service. In both instances I found Todd to be insightful, honest, and inspirational. His capacity to communicate with precision is unparalleled in my experience. He works to understand and to do the right, godly thing. I came away from my interaction with Todd as my attorney, served, known, and gratified. The overarching attribute of Todd, though, goes way beyond his professional competency. He is an enthusiastic learner and always wants to be a living expression of the One for Whom He lives, Jesus of Nazareth.

Perry Miller

Drywall Specialties

Kept me informed. Always respected my views and listened. Very professional. The highest level of service.

Lorrie and Alma Williams

Concerning a real estate transaction

My mother and I would like to sincerely thank you for your guidance and advice regarding the property we are in the process of purchasing in Renton. Words cannot express the clarity you brought into our lives! We took your advice and spoke back with our realtor who in turn sent over an addendum with a revised closing date... I just want you to know that it is very hard in this world of ours today to find people who care about the common person and I cannot express my gratitude enough. May God continue to bless you and enlarge your territory.

Steve Pelluer

"Todd is not a typical attorney. His top priority is serving people and it may or may not be legal issues. I highly recommend talking with Todd no matter what issues you face in your life."

Robert Baird

Kirkland Roofing

After a couple months, I was very angry and had become verbally abusive at what they were doing. Because of the way I was dealing with the situation, it had gotten out of control. Therefore, after your visit and kind counsel about doing things God's way and in a loving manner, I was able to let go of the anger and got [resolution]...Jesus rules!

Andy Wang

Kudos Construction

The level of service provided is first class. I most like Todd's knowledge.

Joe Gonzalez

General Manager, Salem Communications Seattle

I have only known Todd a short time, but in that time I have come to appreciate how you have demonstrated a strong sense of integrity and a heart for working through issues for people that are needing answers and direction. It is always refreshing to meet a man that has a depth of knowledge in the law and life and yet is ready to speak in such a way that lifts the person in need, rather than speak down to those that are needing assistance. I only hope that you will continue to expand your practice so many more will be able to receive your helpful insight and advice.

Pam Kugel

Thank you so much for the opportunity to pay for your services. It only seemed like a few short minutes after my prayer that I was speaking with you on the phone. Thank you for allowing Him to speak through you. It made me realize God is still there, he didn't go anywhere, and that I had been selfish in focusing on myself instead of Him. I have chosen to pay my account, in full, as it was such a blessing and an honor to have you help me with my situation. I have shared with several of my friends how the Lord brought you into my life. May God give you and all of your firm many, many blessings.

Connie Donahoe

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for our meeting today. I think God puts people into the lives of others for a reason. You radiate warmth and trust. I was sure Bill would be as impressed as I was if only he could attend the meeting. God bless you (as he obviously already has).

Ben Reppond

President, Gallagher Reppond

Todd, you reduced my stress by coming up with a credible plan to deal with my potential roof crisis. Of course, it turned out to not be a crisis, but you were quick and responsive and had some good counsel. One cannot plan for these things - only respond to them. I don't know if there will be another alligator, and if so, when and how it will appear. But I do know that I will call you if I hit another need. Thanks again. You are a real friend. May God richly bless you - and I know He will.

Ken Sutton

Owner, Twist Real Estate

It is my aspiration to place Jesus first and foremost in everything I do. You can imagine the predicament I faced when I received from my Christian parents' attorney the threat of a potential lawsuit against me. I launched into an energetic search for an attorney to represent me. After several conversations with assorted lawyers, I was repeatedly given the advice to sue my Christian parents. Finally, I was referred to Todd Nelson by a Christian organization. It was refreshing to hear Todd give advice founded on the Bible; advice that would help move me towards reconciliation with my Dad and Mom. Whenever I have a meeting with Todd, he gives excellent counsel and takes the time to pray with me before I leave his office. Finding Todd certainly has been an answer to prayer!

Tom Mathews

Walsh Construction Co.

Quick response and knowledge about relevant issues. Aggressive effort without being too aggressive. Advises to resolve issues instead of wrangling.

Joe Infranco

Alliance Defense Fund

"Todd Nelson is a highly regarded allied attorney in the Alliance Defense Fund network. He is an exceptional advocate for the cause of religious freedom. I am privileged to call him a colleague and friend."

Darlene Wilson

Again, thank you so much for going "above and beyond" the norm to help us. Nelson Law Group is now in our address book and we will recommend you to others. Valerie, I want to thank you in particular and Nelson Law Group in general for all the help you were to me.

Brian Standley

Yadon Construction Specialties

Everything was done quickly and thoroughly. Additional follow-up and strategy suggestions were provided. We accomplished exactly what we needed to with your help.

Chukwu Di Ike

Claims Insurance Company

Todd was recommended to me. The preparatory exercises he had me go through were beneficial for my own personal growth. Although in the end we didn't need to address the insurance company directly, there is no doubt that Todd's praying with me and his very grounded counsel had much to do with the positive outcome with my insurance company. Thank you for your assistance, guidance and counsel.

Shawn & Tracey Brown

Estate Planning

We were very happy with everything you provided for us. I must say calling a lawyer's office was very intimidating, as I have never had to deal with a lawyer. You all made things very easy and understandable. I did not know you had a Christian foundation so that made a huge difference for us. Thanks again.

Victor & Mary Pearson

Recovery of monies owed

Mary and I are greatly appreciative of your assistance throughout the ordeal of recovering most of the money owed to us. You relieved the burden from us in your work to come to an agreement. Your follow up and perseverance in resolving the issue is truly admirable and noteworthy.

We plan to use your services as needed in more favorable matters in the future and are already recommending your legal services to others. We feel truly blessed to have been led to you in matters of trust and confidentiality.

Jo Ann Crock

Referral - General Counsel

I am pleased to report that I got my 1st victory in court in 3 years. Your referral was extremely hard working. After we suffered an initial setback, she wasted no time & the same afternoon quickly generated some of the required new documents. Thank you for the referral.

"The wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy."

James 3:17